Monday, October 10, 2011

The Re-Entry Entry

You know... I haven't blogged for a long time. I have wanted to, but a lot of things have prevented me from doing so. things like not having anything to show, not being allowed to show what I have, not having any rhyme or coherency to the thoughts I could talk about, a general feeling that no one is paying attention, etc. You name it, and these are the reasons I have been missing since March.

I'm here now though and I suddenly got an urge to ramble on and catch up. What has been going on since March when I last blogged?

I was on a pretty disastrous path for a while there last spring. I was backed up, not taking anything else on because of that back-up and trying desperately to get back to even. No professional pieces on the docket, burnt to a crisp, commissions up to my eyeballs, and a steady stream of bigger priorities was fast diminishing sculpting time. One word to describe this comes to mind as I type this...


I was moving, but who the hell knows what direction. My biggest fear is that this was permanent and that I couldn't get a grove back.

Well around May something shook loose thank God. I began to feel that familiar itch and motivation that I'd been bled dry of. It didn't come back in full force until very recently mind you, but it came back enough for me to realize that sh*t happens and that I needed to get over it.

The motivation and creativity will be always come back around. So I picked up the clay, wax, and other fun stuff and started to grind though it and commit to clearing my desk.

I think I have figured out the "secret" to staying motivated as a sculptor. FINISHING. Finishing pieces and the feeling of accomplishment that comes on the back end of that really gets you excited for what comes next. Like a tidal wave that builds on its way to shore, gaining momentum and mass, you build confidence and enthusiasm.

I just finished another piece yesterday. Something completely outside of the norm for me. This piece doesn't have overly jacked up muscles and snarling douche baggery as its selling point. It's a pissed off DC Comics character in the form of a "RAGE KITTY"

click here to enlarge image

Now all of the sudden with this piece being finished I am pumped about working on the next piece that needs to be finished. I feel like I just paid off my student loans or something here...

So I'm going to do better... at least for now... in updating this blog. Some stuff is clearing up, I don't feel like I suck right now, I have some stuff I can show, and most importantly I feel like I have some things to say again.

So I owe a lot to "RAGE KITTY" right now... Thank you, you 3 inch long, tiny ass, head the size of my thumb nail, brittle little f*%$ing cat...

click here to enlarge image

click here to enlarge image


  1. Looks awesome! As per usual. Looking forward to more updates!

  2. love the kitty!

    k, you may not post that much but when you do, we are always blown away. looking forward to more in the futue

  3. Good job man... I always love to see what you have come up with next. The wait is always worth it...

  4. Thanks guys... I'll be posting a blog about my Kraven the Hunter portrait next week.

  5. Hi my friend:-)
    Although this is my first post,i follow you since last year.Although you don´t think about this,many people like me follow your works everyday.
    First of all,i understand your situation.I pass through the same high and lows,and stop sculpting from 2007 untill this year that i start again.Live is not easy sometimes...and as you many time say is "love and hate" situation.

    The cat figure is great!!!The pose,the action,the face are awesome!!!...and you just need to be scuptor to know how difficult is to make good animal sculptures.If i´m not wrong you did it with a mix of Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm,isn´t it???Keep on doing great sculptures like you always do:-)

    Apart of that,do you have a private email to contact you???

    Thank you very much for share your nice creations with us
    A big hug
    Your friend