Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Batman: Year Two in Year Two...

What was old is new again in 2009...

Back in early 2007, I started a Batman:Year 2 piece inspired by the great art of perennial comic book giant Alan Davis.  This is actually the 2nd attempt at a Batman sculpture, but we'll say the first doesn't count as I was about 4 months into sculpting and I didn't know my elbow from my ass back then. 

I originally did the piece in my usual mixed media approach (wax head and hands, and clay body). I shelved the piece for bit as I was sick of looking at it.  After a while I started to get the itch again to work on it and decided to transfer the entire piece to wax. My interest in the piece was renewed and I molded and wax-casted the piece for re-work. Literally a day later I got a note from industry goliath Randy Bowen asking if I wanted to do a piece for his company, Bowen Designs, and Batman was shelved again. The choice is simple... when Randy Bowen asks, you answer.

I finished up my Super Skrull assignment for Bowen Designs, and moved on to a couple other sculpts. Ultimately however, Batman called out to me again and I am beginning to noodle away on the piece once more.  

It's a pet project of mine at the moment, and I am only working on it while the paying work sits drying out from being brushed down with lighter fluid. I have a long way to go, but I figure it will be a fun piece to post here and share as it moves forward.  I hope to have the piece done by SDCC this year as a portfolio piece. You can see the new wax "rough" as well as the original mixed media work in progress.