Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting a leg up on things

One of the wonderful things about being a sculptor is that while you are waiting for one piece to bake, set, dry, whatever, you can noodle around on another piece. Well I haven't done much with Batman recently, because I have been busting ass finishing a Green Lantern villain "Arkillo" piece for a bud. I had to create some keys for that piece and needed to leave the piece alone while the apoxie putty was setting up.

With that, out came the wax pen and alcohol torch. I took to the task of welding legs on Batman. When I originally sculpted this piece it was decent enough I guess, but looking back now that it is in wax, I have a bunch of things I want to fix. The legs are chief among the wish list of tweaks yet to come. I find that with every piece you get better and you learn something about anatomy that you wish you had figured out earlier. I almost cringe when I realize what I need to do to correct my mistakes. You can see from the full body shot of the piece, that I am raising the calf up, as well as the knee, and fixing the proportions to be better than they were before. (right leg of piece)

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I've already done a lot to fix other things on this piece... the ribs and the abs were a "mess", as were his deltoids. But I am quite please with these now. I am even going to fix the brow line a bit to create some cleaner furrows. By the end, my intention is to have a piece that I am happy enough to use as a portfolio piece and show to art directors.

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There's a lot of work left to do... it seems there always is, but who cares? It keeps me from spending money at the bars :)

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Next time, I'll probably show show the Arkillo piece I mentioned and that is nearing the point of completion.

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